Cat and kitten for adoption

Cat and kitten for adoption

Name: Sally and Ginger
DOB: 14/03/2023 (Estimate)
Sex: Female; desexed
Colour: White, ginger, brown
Breed: Domestic short hair
Microchip: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes

Adoption fee for the both of them: $300 (Normally we would charge $270 for each cat but we really would like both of them to be adopted together)


This is Sally and Ginger, Sally is the mum cat and Ginger her kitten, they have always been together so we hope to home them together. 

Sally (mum cat), was born in March 2023, the exact date is unknown and her kitten is 11 weeks old at the time of this writing (20/01/2024). 

Sally loves her food. 

These two would make great family pets, two is better than one, having two cats is better because one is able to keep the other company while the owner is away, giving them a nice playmate!

The cost and difference of having two cats rather than one is not too different from just having a single cat, they can share the same litter tray. 

We would be absolutely ecstatic if both of them can be adopted out at the same time. 


If you require more information about Sally and Ginger or would like to meet them then email us or chat with us on our website  

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