Cat for adoption

Cat for adoption


 Name : Cilla                                                   DOB ; 30/03/2022

Microchip 900164002169810                         Female : desexed

Colour :Tortoiseshell                                      Breed : Dsh

vaccination ; yes                                          Adoption fee $270

Cilla is 9 months old and is very loving but still a kitten that loves to play.Cilla was born in our shelter and we still have her mum, Cilla has  never been outside so would make a great indoor cat or someone in unit or small house, she is very quite friendly and supper affectionate again would make a good little girl companion or a family pet. Cilla is not a very big cat and very easy to look after. She would make a great companion for someone who lives on their own. Just loves to follow you around 

Cilla is the sort of cat the more affection you gave her the more she give back

Loves her  food 

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