Cat for adoption

Cat for adoption

Name: Molly 
DOB: 29/04/2023
Sex: Female; desexed
Colour: Black, white and ginger 
Breed: Domestic short hair
Microchip: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes

Adoption fee: $270



This is Molly, she was from the streets but we believe she was someone's pet who either got lost or had been abandoned. She is in very good health and has been thoroughly examined by a vet. 

She is a beautiful cat who loves people and doesn't mind being the only cat within her household. She is playful, very affectionate and would make a great companion for someone who is retired or living by themselves. 

She is a really clean cat, she likes to talk and loves her food. She can also be picked up. 

Molly is a very easy cat to look after and is quite happy to live inside a unit or a small town house. 


If you require more information about Molly or would like to meet them then email us or chat with us on our website  

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