Cat for adoption

Cat for adoption

Name: Picasso
DOB: 14/08/2022
Sex: Male; desexed
Colour: White and black
Breed: Domestic short hair
Microchip: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes

Adoption fee: $270


Picasso was found by one of our volunteers, she had been feeding a colony of stray cats for 4 years and unfortunately, someone attempted to poison all the cats in the area and as a result, she had found 14 dead cats. 

Picasso and his brother Elvis were 2 of the only survivors, thankfully Elvis has been adopted but Picasso is still looking for a new forever home. 

He enjoys the company of our volunteer's dog, goes for 1km walks with them everyday, curls his tail around her dog and walks alongside him.

Picasso is similar to a dog; displays doglike behaviour, he worked out where our volunteer lives and follows her everyday for meals and walks. He can be put on a lead and be taken on walks. 

He has beautiful green eyes and he is all white but his tail looks like a black paint brush, hence the name Picasso!


One day however, he had disappeared. Before we rescued him, we believe that he had been trapped under a house in a cage by a person who was hateful towards cats, where he was left to starve with no food or water. Picasso is traumatised by cages and cannot be caged as a result, so the person who is looking to adopt him will have to be aware that they will have to avoid caging him.  

We rescued him when the next door neighbour heard a cat crying, worried, she gave us a call and we saved him while the person was away. We are unsure of how long he had been starving and trapped in the cage. 

His personality is incredible, very friendly, affectionate, playful, talkative and we think that anyone that adopts him will be lucky to have him. Picasso would make a great companion or family pet, he gets along well with other cats and dogs. He's only just over a year old and would definitely make an exceptional pet for that lucky someone. 



If you require more information about Picasso or would like to meet them then email us or chat with us on our website  

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