Kitten for adoption

Kitten for adoption

Name; Cotton                              DOB; 8\01\2023

Microchip; yes                             Female; Desexed

Colour; White                              Breed;  Dsh

Vaccination; yes                         Adoption fee $270

Cotton was found by a lady living in a drain with her mum and other siblings. The lady keep an eye on them to make sure they were ok and left food out for them two day ago she found Cotton by herself so feed her her, that night it was cold so she went looking for Cotton and found her by herself, so she pick Cotton up and took her home.So now Cotton is in our care.

Cotton is a beautiful little soul and it is hard she was born in a drain. Cotton is very playful and gentle. She gets on with other cats and always looking for a game.

Cotton would make a very good family pet and be very good with children someone that is looking for a companion. Cotton will be a great cat for a unit or a small town house..

Because Cotton is all white we will only adopt her out to someone that will keep her indoors and NOT A OUTSIDE CAT.

Cotton has no health issues and is not deaf as some white cats are.

If your are interested in adopting Cotton please email us or reply to chat with us

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