Kitten for adoption

Kitten for adoption

Name ; Piper                                              DOB ; 23/10/2022

Microchip ;  Yes                                          Male ;   Desexed

Colour Grey & white                                    Breed : Tabby 

Vaccination :  Yes                                       Adoption fee $270

Piper lost his mum, he was found in a garden by a old lady with his sister, both where only a few days old,

At that age we had to hand feed him and his sister until they started to eat and drink by themselves. being hand raised he is very close to people and very friendly.

PIper is now looking for a new forever home and would make a very good family pet. As he was hand raised he would not suit being left alone for long periods and would be ideal for someone that is looking for a companion animal.

Piper would be happy to live in a unit or small house and would be very happy as a inside cat.

Piper is very playful loves to chase balls, you can pick him up and he will sit on your knee.and go to sleep.

If you require any further information about Piper please reply tp


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