Kitten for adoption

Kitten for adoption

Name: Nala
DOB: 23/10/2022
Sex: Female; desexed
Colour: Ginger, black and white 
Breed: Calico
Vaccinated: Yes
Microchip: Yes

Adoption fee $270


Nala gets her name from "THE LION KING" , fits right in for your friendly feline.

Nala has been hand raised, she come into our care when she was only 14 days old. Nala is only a small kitten and she will be a small cat. She is very loving and would make a great new family member. She loves to play and be cuddled.

Nala has never been outside, so would be the ideal inside cat, she loves company and would make a great companion for someone who lives alone. 

We hope to find a nice person or family to give Nala, a new family and a forever home.

We also have her brother if you are thinking to adopt two cats 

If you require any further information about Nala email us


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