Kitten for adoption

Kitten for adoption

Name: Simone
DOB: 27/12/2022
Sex: Male; desexed
Colour: Grey, white
Breed: Tabby
Vaccinated: Yes
Microchip: Yes

Adoption fee $270


Meet Simone 

Meaning: Hear or listen. Simone is the French derivation of Simon, a Hebrew name that means “hearkening,” the archaic word for “hear” or “listen.” Simone is gender-neutral but is most commonly used as a girl's name, especially in France.

Simone was born 27th of December 2022

He is a very gentle and affectionate kitten. 

Simone would make a great little girls friend, or someone that is looking for a companion animal. Simone needs a lot of love and attention and loves people.

Simone would be a great indoor cat and would be happy to live in a unit or small town house. 

We highly recommend that Simone should be an inside cat.


If you are interested please email us 

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