Kitten for adoption

Kitten for adoption

Name: Skye
DOB: 19/09/2022
Sex: Female; desexed
Colour:  Black and white
Breed: Domestic short hair 
Vaccinated: Yes
Microchip: Yes

Adoption fee: $270


Save a Pet Foundation works with different vets and helps vets rehome kittens that come into their care. Skye come from SASH (Small Animal Specialist Hospital).

This was the start of Skye's journey towards a new forever home, she was only a few days old and was drip fed by the vets for the first weeks of her life until Skye could eat and drink by herself. Then she come into our care. 

Skye is now just over 3 months old, is very playful and loves cuddles. Skye likes to run around and play, then relax on your knees. She is very gentle and affectionate, so would make a great family pet and is also suitable for someone that lives alone. Skye loves company, so if you are looking for a companion, she be the ideal friend for you. 

Skye has never been outside so would make a great indoor pet and be happy to live in a unit or small house with a new loving family. 

If you require any further information about Skye  please e mail us                                               

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