About Us

                                 Save a Pet Foundation Ltd

                     Is a registered Charity non -profit organization

                      Email : saveapetfoundation.info@gmail.com

                                      ABN ;  90 646 594 096

                                      ACN ;   646 594 096

                                     Tax ID ; 537 251 915

              Any donation over $2 made to Save a Pet Foundation Ltd is

                                                  tax deductible

99% of all money raised by donations goes into rescuing and rehoming                                                        kittens and cats.

Save a Pet  Foundation has 3 directors and a secretary that all volunteer their time towards

  Protection and rescuing Kittens and cats that have been ill treaded or abandoned.

We have 10 volunteers that help in the care of  these pets in our shelter .
Also they go and rescue abandoned cat that people have reported to us, Once the pet comes into our care we check to see if it has been Microchip, if so the cat is returned to it owner. We also check for loss of hair, running eyes and any other signs of disease and try to make sure the animal is healthy before we handle them. If we see any problem, the animal is captured and taken to our vet at Box Hill  for further assessment and care that is required..

Save A Pet Foundation Ltd  also works with other charities organizations in Australia.

 Part of Save A Pet Foundation work is not just work with abandoned animals, but also in training cats as companion animals for people that live on their own or elderly people and children with special needs, as well as information on how adequately feed and care for their pets after adopt one of our pets..

Since  2019, we have rescued and re-homed  on the average around a100 kittens and cats per year and we can have up to 30 kittens and cats in our care at one time in our shelter.

The sad fact is that a kitten that has been abandoned will not make its first birthday, 4 out of 5 will die, In fact a recent studies show unowned cats have significantly shorter lives than cats that have caring owners .

Australia is home to hordes of unowned cats with an estimated 700,000 living without appropriate care in urban areas, around rubbish dumps or on farms   

Save a Pet Foundation Ltd aiming to rescue and re-home as many as

possible, to give these poor kittens and cats a second chance in life

                      You can help Save a Pets Foundation, save lives 

                                       by making DONATION today.

                                                  via this website

                           Save a Pet Foundation has a NON KILL policy 

Save A Pet Foundation Founder

Bernard Bradshaw.

100% of the profits go back into saving abandoned kittens and cats.