Kitten for adoption

Kitten for adoption

Name: Yoghurt
DOB: 22/06/2022
Sex: Female; desexed
Colour: Light brown 
Breed: Tabby
Vaccinated: Yes
Microchip: Yes

Adoption fee: $270


Yoghurt come into our care around 18/9/22, our vet at that time said she was about 2 to 3 months old. Yoghurt is a very small kitten she is about 6 months old now and is still very tiny. Yoghurt is a beautiful little cat, a little shy but warms up when she gets to knows you. Because of Yoghurt's size, she would make a great indoor cat and would be very easy to look after; plus would suit someone in a unit or small house. Yoghurt would make a great companion, she is very playful and gentle. 

Although Yoghurt is small, she is in good health and loves her food, she loves roasted chicken.

Because of Yoghurt's size, we highly recommend that the person that adopts her keeps her inside and away from danger. 

If you would like to adopt her please email us

or use the adoption button on our front page.  

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