About Save a pet Foundation

About Save a pet Foundation

Save a pet foundation is a non - Profit organisation
That help poor pets that have been abandoned. We rescue and re-home these poor pets that have been taken out of the security of their homes and their beloved owners, then dumped on the streets and then left to look after themselves in the cold of the night. The life on the streets for these poor pets is hard and frightening experiences. Most end in a horrifying death.
This is not about the sad story, but the happy ending

By shopping with Save a pet Foundation online store, your purchase enables us to raise money and it is through these profits of your purchase that we can  make a difference to a pets life, by saving them plus giving them a second chance in life by re-homing them.

Thank you for buying our product, YOU have just save a pets life

                  A little as $1 can feed a cat or dog for one day.

                   Check out our donation button on this website  

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