Save a Pet Foundation animal CARETAKER.

Save a Pet Foundation animal CARETAKER.


Save a Pet Foundation 

WE ARE CARETAKERS for a colony of 29 cats that have been abandoned and neglected. These cat have formed a colony and live together, in a busy suburb in Sydney. We feed them twice a day and make sure they have fresh water. We also look after their health. 

We only have a small sheller, so we cannot take them all in at once (but once we re-home one of the pets in our sheller we make room for another)


We are housing, one mum cat, with 5 kittens, that are 3 weeks old, two kittens, 14 weeks old, plus 5 adult cats.

Luckily, there are still some nice people around and when they find out that we feed and look after these abandoned cats, they, then donate money to enable us to carry out the job as an animal care-taker. '

(100% money donated goes into caring for pets in our care)

One gentleman donated $500 because he wanted to pay for the de-sexing of the male cats in that colony. As vet bills was our biggest cost in re-homing cats or dogs.

So, with you buying a pet product on our online store you have just saved a pet.                             

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