Think before you buy a kitten

Think before you buy a kitten

A number of people buy kittens on the impulse, they see them in pet shop windows, they look cute, adorable, but in 6 months they are not cute or adorable anymore, they are now half grown cats and what happens. Shelters like ours are filled with cats who’s owners surrender them  because they decided they did not want a cat, or their cat did not “BOND” with them plus another 100 other excesses.

Those people get a kitten because let’s face it, kittens are adorable cute. Then once they realize that a kitten becomes a cat, grows up and puts on weight, they no longer want it.

So, what do these people do, drop the cat off at the shelter saying it is ‘not a right fit’ and move onto the next kitten and destroy another life.

So what can you do help these poor animals, by adopting a cat you can save them from living their lives in a cage or shelter and never get to have a loving family their deserve.

If your can not adopt, then help us with a donation, so we can help these poor cats.

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