Sponsor Kittens And Cats

Throughout the year, we receive numerous requests to help rescue cats and kittens, that includes but not limited to, many pregnant cats that require our care. We never abandon a mother cat and her family, we rescue them together. 

We created this page in hopes that we better our chances of taking care of these cats in the best way that we can. 

If you would like to sponsor a cat or kitten that we display on this page, it would help us and the cats tremendously, the money will directly be contributing to buying food, medicinal related products and the overall betterment of care.  

Currently, we house two mum cats, who had both recently given birth to many beautiful baby kittens. 



If you are interested in sponsoring these mum cats and kittens, you will be helping these sweet animals! We sincerely appreciate any help. 

Note: When sponsoring/donating to this page, please leave a note indicating that you would like to sponsor the specific cats/kittens from this page. Thank you so much!


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