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LickiMat - Cat Slomo - Pink

LickiMat - Cat Slomo - Pink

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The LickiMat Slomo promotes natural feeding by your cat and mimics how they would feed in the wild. There is no raised edge so there is no whisker stress and your cat can still enjoy full view of surrounding, reducing stress whilst feeding.

LickiMat Slomo allows you to serve a wide variety of treats: gels, sardines, yogurt, purees, spreads and all manner of organic and healthy pet approved treats. The magic of LickiMat is that challenging your pet to lick the treat or food out of the patterned surface in order to be rewarded by the treat slows the process dramatically and prolongs their enjoyment. Less calories, healthier treats and longer duration.

  • made from non-toxic food grade TPR and recyclable Polypropylene
  • 20 x 20 x 1.7 cm/ 8″ x 8″
  • suitable for all cats
  • freezer safe
  • microwave friendly
  • 100% dishwasher safe
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