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PETKIT Eversweet SOLO 2 Wireless Smart Water Fountain 2L

PETKIT Eversweet SOLO 2 Wireless Smart Water Fountain 2L

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The PETKIT Eversweet Solo 2 (Wireless Pump) offers a fun, easy and enjoyable way of providing water to your pets. Like in the wild, water fountains imitate running water that instinctively drives your pet's attention to drink, thus, increasing their water intake!
Designed for you, your family, and your pet's safety and convenience - The Eversweet Solo 2 provides clean, flavourful, and healthy water your cats will surely love! It has a convenient and hassle-free design that will make cleaning easier and safer. It provides a reliable source of clean drinking water with no disturbing noise plus, the 3.0 filtration system eliminates dirt, hair, odour, and heavy metals that cause your pets to get sick and dislike drinking water. PETKIT Eversweet Solo 2 is a worth-it drinking companion for your pet 24/7!

Product Highlights:
100% Safe with an Upgraded Wireless Pump and fountain part that provides upgraded safety by cancelling any exposed wires to eliminate electric leakage.
The Detachable Power Base won't get wet and the Main Fountain part can be easily cleaned with no worries.
No Overheating with the Anti-dry Safety Protection that detects the water level and automatically cuts off when the water reaches below the minimum level.
The Detachable Design makes cleaning and transfers more convenient.
High-density Filter eliminates hair and dust for a cleaner water source.
The Coconut Shell Activated Charcoal filter removes odour and promotes flavour that pets love!
Ion Exchange Resin is the last filter that promotes urinary health by removing heavy metals that cause blockages to your pet's urinary system.
Automatically Interconnects with Bluetooth for real-time monitoring of water and filter status via the PETKIT App and has a remote control function for easy manipulation of the water fountain.
The 3 Work Modes can be constantly changed to adapt to different water activities according to your choice.
NO FEAR OF ELECTRIC LEAKAGE with a hassle-free design that allows you to easily disassemble and clean the water fountain thoroughly.
Ideal for your NOISE-SENSITIVE CAT because it operates at 35 decibels, it's suppaw quiet and allows you and your family to sleep peacefully!
The Transparent Window helps fur parents track the water level visually.
The Ergonomic Tray supports proper drinking for your cats and avoids water splashing.

Material: ABS Silicone
Product Dimensions: 185*185*164 mm
Net Weight: 0.8kg
Capacity: 2L/ 67.6oz

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