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PETKIT Wireless Pump Water Fountain Filter Sponge

PETKIT Wireless Pump Water Fountain Filter Sponge

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The pump is the heart of every machine, to keep it well maintained and prolong its lifetime, every hooman must use PETKIT Wireless Pump Water Fountain Filter Foam, so as to not damage the pump and keep it working well all day long!
Easy peasy installation, no need to stress, plus it can be changed every 1 to 2 months so you are not stressed with cleaning! Keep your machine pump well paw-tected today!

Product Highlights:
It filters out hair and dirt to protect the wireless pump and prolong its usage.
Easy to install and detach.
Compatible with all PETKIT wireless pumps.
Suitable for the pump of Eversweet 3 Pro, Eversweet Solo 2, Eversweet Solo SE.
Long-lasting and can be changed every 1-2 months to keep the pump and water fountain working well.
Material: Foam
Package include: 15pcs

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